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Registering a horse.

Registering a horse.

Abu Dhabi wants you to reregister your car every year. And let me tell you, there may be no taxes, but my wallet doesn’t see the difference between a tax and a fee …
That said, they’re pretty effective, given the general circumstances of the country. For example, it’s the time of the year where you get to pay your fines, which usually come as a surprise – because you NEVER get the SMS that tells you you’ve been caught speeding.
It’s also the day I realized that in fact, I have a Horse, not a car (thanks to Rob for pointing that out – only a Texan could’ve thought that one up):

Sadly, it’s also the day I realized my horse needed new hooves:

To be fair, I hadn’t changed them once in three years, with the sand and heat.

Oh well, at least it’s not like it was busy.


Another one bites the dust

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Formula One

Formula One

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Thoughtful tools

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A first post on concerts in Abu Dhabi

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